Performance Issues while connected to Tableau

The connection between different components (ES->Dremio->Tableau) have been established, but while creating Tableau visualisations, the Dimensions are extremely slow to get processed. Is there any reason this might be happening?
We are running Dremio 1.2.2 and Tableau 10.2 on Windows 7.

Can you post the query profile for the query generated by Tableau? (8.2 KB)
PFA Query Profile

@Vishal_Prem , are you using live or extract on the dremio data source

As per our experience, if you are working with huge amount of data, Live will give you performance bottleneck in dremio, as every change will query into dremio. You can try the same with extracts and do the visualization

Hi @Vishal_Prem,

Can you please send me the ES mapping, would like to know what is causing the planner to spend time on the ES scan