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The Tableau connection works great on Tableau Desktop and I assume it works well on Tableau server based on the docs, is it possible to use Dremio on Tableau online? I don’t see any references to that one way or another, is it known how that would work?

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Hey @tomasienrbc, might be worth checking out Tableau Bridge for this scenario.

I was afraid of that! But I guess I was less afraid of that than “there is no way to support this” haha, thanks @can I think you’re right. Looks like ODBC for online is supported only by the Bridge.

Did this ever work for you?

I am create a Tableau Online Workbook using a csv file hosted on an s3 bucket and want to enable automated refreshes. I am also using Tableau BRIDGE and I am seeing Bridge issuing queries to DREMIO but even a simple select query takes 20+ mins and just sits there without ever completing.

The query that Tableau Bridge is sending to Dremio is

SELECT SUM(1) AS "COL" FROM "<DATA SOURCE>.<S3-BUCKET>"."test.txt" "test.txt"

Any ideas?

@vr00n, can you share the profile of your query? We should figure out where the time is being spent.

@jacques Here you go. Thank you for looking. The query has now been running for 73 hours! (5.5 KB)

Definitely something not working right :slight_smile:

Can you provide the jstack output for the dremio process on the node that is running Dremio?

where do i find that? (using dremio on widows)

I’m not a windows users these days so I’m not sure offhand. I’ve asked our support team to follow up and tell you how to run it on Windows.

Hi @vr00n

Here is how you take a Java thread dump (equivalent of jstack on Linux) on Windows.

The user executing jstack.exe must be the same user who owns the JVM process or have sufficient privileges to access it

We need to use PsExec.exe tool ( to execute jstack.exe

Command to use is below (be sure that when launching the console you “run as administrator”)

C:\PSTools>psexec -s c:\Java\jdk1.80_151\bin\jstack.exe -l 4180 >dump.txt

You should be able to find the Dremio PID from the task manager

Detailed step by step commands are in the below knowledge base from Redhat

Generate Java Thread Dump on Windows

Kindly let me know if you have other questions