Power BI Azure AD Authentication Error

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We are having a problem with a configuration in Dremio.

We are unable to activate the “Power BI - Azure AD Authentication” correctly.

The following steps (Described in the documentation) were followed but we still couldn’t connect to Dremio in Power BI using the Microsoft Account:

1 - Dremio was updated to version 20.0 (Dremio for AWS installed).
2 - Support Key “auth.external-token-providers.enabled” set = true (Print #1)
3 - Power BI Single Sign On (New Feature) enabled and configured with “Azure AD Tenant ID” and “User Claim Mapping” (Print #2)

The Dremio SSO with Azure AD was configured in a prior version (19) and is working (on web) as intended. But the Microsoft Account on Power BI we couldn’t make it work.

We couldn’t find anything else in the documentation and the Power BI message is not helping it much. The message being displayed is the same in both versions 19 and 20 with or without the new features enabled (Print #3).

We are also attaching images of the configuration of the Azure AD Dremio Application.

The documentation that we followed is: Dremio

Can you help us?

Best Regards,

Hi Lucas,

My name is Paul Fearon, I’m a Solutions Architect for Dremio and I’d like to help you with this issue. Can you reach out to me via email (paul.fearon@dremio.com)?