Access to Dremio in Powe BI

Hello! I can not to connect to Dremio Database in Power BI. I’m following all the instructions ( but it still doesnt work.
Step 1: Open Power BI (Connector has been already installed)
Step 2 : Get Data -> Dremio
Step 3: Use my Microsoft credentials (I’m using them on dremio web and everything is ok)
Step 4: I have this type of error
All steps are in pictire in the attachment
I will be grateful for any help!!!


How are you authenticating on the Dremio UI? It looks like you maybe you have configured SSO for Dremio with Azure AD.

If that is the case, then the ODBC connection cannot be authenticated in the same way, and you must use a Personal Access Token (PAT) with ODBC connector.

Our docs give a good explanation of how to enable these:

Hi! Yes, I have configured SSO for Dremio with Azure AD. Thanks for help, I created PAT, but at the end I have the same mistake… May be we have problems with our server


If using DirectQuery with PowerBI Web the name of the gateway must be the same as the name of the data source. or the IP.

Another thing is that DirectQuery only worked for me on PowerBI Desktop when I used Reflections on all the tables I used on PowerBI.