PowerBI- connect to Dremio

Hello, I’m new to this so I am not sure wich link i have to put here in my PowerBi to connect to dremio.
What i am trying to do is connecting elasticsearch to dremio and dremio to PowerBi. I tried to put the localhost of my dremio but it didn’t connect…

Per our documentation

Enter the IP address for one of the coordinator nodes in your Dremio cluster and select the DirectQuery option.

For example - if your URL to access Dremio UI is, then in PBI you would enter for the Dremio Cluster Node

This is what i filled in.


But i get this error:

this is my dremio connector:

For PowerBI, the port to use is 31010 (as shown in your own capture of the Dremio Connector DSN Setup), which is different from the 9047 port you put (which is only used to access the Web UI). But you can simply use localhost (no port), and PowerBI should let you connect.

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