Problem with the ODBC Dremio connector Recibidos

Download ODBC Dremio driver, only that when configuring it does not allow me to connect to any server, I have researched on the subject but I can not find a solution, I would like to know if they can help me.

The computer’s operating system is Windows 10.
I want to install this driver to use Power BI, but I can not connect to any server.

this error comes out: [Dremio][Connector] (20) Failure occurred while trying to connect to local=localhost:27017. (Details: [30004]Connection failed

@DianReyna, this error indicates that Power BI is trying to connect to Dremio on the localhost machine (i.e. your laptop/desktop). If Dremio is not on your local laptop/desktop you should be able to configure the System DSN to reference another server, which Power BI will then reference. See step 4 in the below instructions:

Of course my laptop has the ODCB of Dremio and my problem is precisely how to configure the DNS does not allow me to connect. I have already followed the instructions you mention, but it still does not work.

This is the error that appears to me.

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It looks like you configured port to be 27017. Is it the correct port? Note that the port to use is not the port to access the UI (which is typically 9047) but the ODBC/JDBC client port which is typically 31010.

Ok, that port using the ODBC client and it’s fine, I’ve already done the test to connect to the port you mention (31010), and I have the same result I get the same error, I’m connecting to mongo and the 27017 is use to make that connection that is what I need, regardless of which port you use the result is the same does not allow the connection. I hope you can help me because I already try everything and I can not solve the problem.

If you are accessing Mongo through Dremio, then you don’t need to specify 27017 anywhere in the Dremio ODBC connector configuration.

First you will configure Mongo as a source in Dremio:

Then you will connect Power BI to Dremio over the default ODBC client port 31010.