Reflection Refresh

Hi Dremio Team,

Iam using Dremio 13.x community version and I need to know some cases like,

  1. How to load few data(like last 7 days) from a table to incremental reflection insted of total data when reflection creation.
  2. How to delete certain data (like < 7 days old data) from incremental reflection.
  3. Sys tables date columns are in UTC format can change to IST with an configuration.

Ajay Babu Maguluri.

Hi Team,

Waiting for update.

Ajay Babu Maguluri


#1 Create a VDS with a filter clause that has only 7 days of data and then create the incremental reflection on top of the VDS. You need to set the refresh type to incremental on the PDS setting
#2 Currently not supported
#3 Use CONVERT_TIMEZONE function