Remove icons from the top menu bar

I am trying to customize the dremio ui by removing some icons from the top menu bar, like the admin settings. I did find the JS file that renders that top bar and removed the section that renders the admin wheel.

But, when I run mvn compile exec:exec -pl dac/daemon, I still see that admin wheel and I can’t figure out where it is also mentioned.

Any idea where this could be.

Did you rebuild the UI (dac/ui) maven module? That should be all that is required.

@doron how do I rebuild only that module please?

mvn clean install -pl dac/ui

@doron I followed your advice and it does rebuild only the ui part. But I do not see Dremio UI picking up the changes I am making.

For example, I modified the file dac/ui/src/components/MainHeaderMixin.js and changed like 34 to:


mvn clean install -pl dac/ui

Then ran

mvn compile exec:exec -pl dac/daemon

When I hover over the admin settings wheel, I still get the message “Admin Settings”

What am I missing?

It worked for me - did the ui compile succeed or throw an error?

I take back my previous comment. I tried also modifying dac/ui/src/pages/AdminPage/AdminPageView.js and recompile using -pl dac/ui. When I restart the dremio server, it does not pick my modifications. It keeps sending the older version until I run mvn clean install -DskipTest to recompile the entire project.

Am I missing something?