REST API: /source vs. /catalog

Using the source API, I can query for: /api/v3/source, which gives me detailed properties for all sources. This is what I want, but I see that the source API is deprecated.

So, I tried /api/v3/catalog. This gives me summary info for all root objects. To get details for sources, I have to query /api/v3/source/(id) for each source. Is there any way to query /catalog and get a single list of all sources with details?


Currently we have to use GET /catalog ยท Dremio and from the output grep only sources


Thanks, Bali. I can filter out the records that I want, but the problem is that /catalog only includes summary info for sources. I get a lot more detail from /source. I get the same detail from /catalog/, but that would require me to do a separate call for each source.