Get a list of all VDS id

I would like to retrieve a list of all datasets IDs using Rest API but I couldn’t find anything on the documentation. Can someone please point on how to do that? It’s not a single VDS which I could get it by path ( GET /api/v3/catalog/by-path/{path} ) it’s all of them in different nested projects.

Thank you


Wondering if you can loop through the different ID’s returned by the below

Then use

Looping from the root is the only way to get the IDs, we don’t expose them in any system tables. I am curious why you need the IDs.

Thank you @doron @balaji.ramaswamy
Looking forward to get all the current datasets across all folders and produce a data lineage in a single view. This will help us monitor the current datasets and their references ( sources/children/parents).

I know we can use the {server}/api/v3/catalog/{id}/graph by passing the dataset id, but to actually get all the current ids it’s not very straight forward unless looping recursively to each project and parse the json object then apply the REST call as you suggested