Restore failed in Kubernets cluster


I am trying to restore the metadata (users, spaces, and datasets) from Dremio in K8 cluster A to K8 cluster B.
I am able to backup everything from Dremio in cluster A. However, not able to restore to Dremio in cluster B. I ran restore command from the dremio-admin node.

I got the following error while try to restore:
Restore failed
io.protostuff.UninitializedMessageException: null

We are getting the same error too in 4.8 K8s

@Shirisha @jantony

Backup / restore has to be

  • same version
  • also if across nodes then the uploads are specific to host

If you want to move Dremio to a different host then best is to

  • Shutdown the source cluster
  • Backup the “db” folder
  • Copy the db folder to the new host
  • If the destination software version > source software version then run “dremio-admin upgrade”
  • ./dremio start
  • The reflections need to be recreated
  • uploads have to be done again

This did work. Thank you Balaji.