Unable to login after restore

Hi Guys, we are currently running dremio on a physical server, I am attempting to migrate to k8s I have deployed the same version in k8s as the physical version.

I followed the backup and restore process and initially the UI still shows the create user screen, I attempted to create a user, this generated an error then the UI goes to the standard logon screen.

I have the correct credentials however I cannot log in, I have attempted to reset the password using the cli but again am unable to login.

any suggestions please?


Does your dremio.conf on your K8’s cluster point local to the place where you restored the “db” folder?

Hi Yes it appears to be correct its also a default install so paths shouldnt have changed


What is the size of your db folder? does it show the same size as the original?


yes it appears to be correct about 70Gb