S3 access denied (403) to Open Data bucket

#S3 #NOAA #RODA #PublicData


403 returned on following documentation notes public bucket noaa-ghcn-pds.

platforms: Mac/Windows 10.
Dremio version (win) : latest installer from downloads as of 3/2/2020. [jar versions: 3.3.2-20190814…

Had a thought: used govcloud setup note to establish property

‘fs.s3a.endpoint’ to ‘s3.amazonaws.com

Note: As of 4.0 Mac and Windows are no longer supported. So this is moot, unless one is interested in doing a rapid POC for work (w/o provisioning a linux host) to make the case for adopting dremio…

Reproducible on both platforms.


Is this a Gov cloud account?