Same timestamp column show different value from parquet file and Dremio views

Hi Team,
I have a parquet file, it has timestamp column, and when create Dremio views on it, we found the timstamp value becomes original value minus 9 hours.
Please note our Dremio instance and our cluster are both in Japan timezone machines, however cause my value in parquet file(dataframe) is already the japan timestamp, so there is no need to change the value when create dremio views on top of the hadoop dataset, how can we make Dremio not change the value, and show the same timestamp value as it in parquet file?
see screenshot for dremio and parquet dataframe in hadoop.

@dolphinlei Dremio is timezoneless and just retrieves what is on the file. Scala would be converting it to the local time zone. You can use the Dremio function CONVERT_TIMEZONE to convert to any TZ

CONVERT_TIMEZONE | Dremio Documentation(%5BsourceTimezone%20string%5D%2C,source%20time%20zone%20is%20UTC.