Security problem deploying in AWS

I am trying to deploy an evalustion dremio cluster in our AWS account
using the CloudFormation templeate link on
I filled in the value for the VPC, subnet & ssh keys using values we use for other clusters.

The deployment keeps getting rolled back with

The security group ‘Dremio Access’ does not exist in default VPC

What do I need to change to fix this? (I have minimal knowldge of AWS permission etc)

Can you check the events tab to see the failure that triggered the rollback?

The templates does create security groups to allow access to Dremio. Make sure you have permission to create the necessary security group. You can look at for the pre-requisites.

Thanks @nsen! Here is a screenshot of the events tab


I have also tried creating a new VPC & subnet and verified I can create new security groups there.
I still get the same problem when trying to to deploy to the new vpc & subnet