Sign in with google feature is broken on community site

Forgot that I had an account already made, so I went to try to “sign in with google” and I got this error.

Note this does not appear to be related at all to the fact I had a regular account with the same email. I used a different google account to test it and I got the same error.

@jaltekruse I tried with my personal gmail and it failed (with the same message as yours) while trying to sign in using the Dremio email worked. What happens if you create an account using your gmail and then trying to login using that?

I was trying this both with a personal gmail, and then with a GSuite account unrelated to Dremio, both failed with this message. The message makes it appear that this google integration only works for Dremio employees, but I’m guessing you don’t want that restriction?

@jaltekruse It does look like it, I will follow up and see if I can chase down why

I went to sign in again and this is still broken.