Something went wrong","moreInfo":"Failed to get query profile

Most of the sql query response within 1 second, there are two queries failed, and has been the implementation of the state, how to determine and solve the problem?

SQL below:
SELECT count(distinct device_id) as “count” FROM “ES”.“crawler.app_upload_record”.“default” WHERE apply_no in (‘801413184140349448’,‘777502257468936200’,‘754214550877769992’,‘741470661666410760’,‘738421750106165256’) and “type”=‘device’

Job Profile errorMessage:
{“errorMessage”:“Something went wrong”,“moreInfo”:“Failed to get query profile.”}


Hi @JoyJava

What is the error message on screen when running the 2 queries? Also do you see anything from the server.log. Can you also please log off from Dremio, log back in and see if you can access the profiles?


Thanks for your reply, we already understand. Because using the in syntax of more than 20 elements causes a full table scan.