Superset - Dremio Error 'datetime64[ms]' for timestamp field

I connected Superset to Dremio and tried to visualise some data.

I want to use a timestamp field (called started_at) as the time column, but got ** Dremio error datetime64[ms] ** error

I confirm that this behaviour is specific only to timestamp data type. Reason is, when I switch to another column (as_of_date) with the data type date, it is fine without error.


I also verified that the SQL which superset sent to Dremio had no problem getting run on Dremio

Attached is the log file from superset pod on kubernetes. (1.8 KB)

Given that Dremio’s timesatmp field is basically date PLUS time, does it mean that I would not be able to plot timeseries data in superset where x-axis is a datetime series?

@Ken Could you try again but with SQLAlchemy from this fork? GitHub - lenoyjacob/sqlalchemy_dremio: SQLAlchemy for Dremio via Flight interface.

Thank you for the suggestion.

Looks like it might work because of the updated mapping for datetime64[ms] → types.datetime


Thank you so much for your suggestion.

I am using the version in your fork and it is working.

Do we know when your fork could be merged back into the main repository?

I believe this PR would have a similar effect like your fork.

I added a comment to chase the maintainer to see if the PR could be merged.

THank you!