Support for Azure Blob Storage

I’ve discovered Dremio recently and I think that’s a really amazing tool. I’d like to use it with Azure Blob Storage, but as far as I know, there’s no plugin for that. I’m trying to implement one, but I can´t find a developer guide. Could you tell me where can I find information related to plugin architecture?

We recently added support for ADLS:

Does that help? We’re working on an SDK for users to add their own sources, but that’s not yet available.

Hey @Andy, as Kelly mentioned, we’ve recently added support for Azure Data Lake Store. We have plans to add support for Azure Blob Storage in late Q1/mid-Q2.

Hi everyone,

Thank you for the answers. I’m testing the use of the virtual file system adapter for Azure Blob storage ( to overcoming the issue, but the latency is causing that the virtual machine crashed when Dremio converts the directory in a Parquet table.
If I copy the whole directory locally and configure a source as NAS, Dremio is able to perform the conversion. Do you have any suggestions?

Is there an update for this issue ?
In an earlier post it was said that it was a feature planned for Q1/mid-Q2 2018.

Hello @kelly,
Any update on the SDK? Is it available yet?

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@can Any update on the Blob Storage?