Supported versions per connector

Hi all,

I would like to know how Dremio manages the supported versions per each type of connector. For example, currently I’m using Oracle version 12c, is there any way to ensure that this version will be also supported during next Dremio releases? Is there any kind of strategy for supporting major/minor versions per each connector?

I was having a look at the documentation but I didn’t find any reference.

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Hi @gesnal

Valid point, will make an internal documentation request, thanks for the feedback

  • Bali

Hi Bali,

thanks for your feedback, I guess this information will be really helpful to understand when a specific connector version will be somehos “decomisioned” so some problems could happen in our Dremio installation.

By the way, is there any reference to understand which specific Oracle versions are supported and how Dremio manages the support of newcoming versions?

Thanks again for your feedback, really appreciated.



Where we determine there are specific limitations for different versions of a datasource, we will announce this in our release notes. And for some sources, we do list supported versions (Elasticsearch, for example).

That being said, as you noticed, we don’t have much information on version support for Oracle. I imagine we will continue to support Oracle 12c.

Hey ben, thank you so much for the information, very appreciated. Nice to hear that Oracle 12c will be supported in the near future. I will closely look at the release notes in the next releases to check what is and what is not supported.