Bigquery connector & support?

Hello community,

We’re currently evaluating dremio & trino as our query engines and since we are on GCP, we were wondering if there is anything in the roadmap for supporting Bigquery with an official connector?
Trino already supports Bigquery via the Bigquery storage API so we’re just wondering if there will ever be a similar connector for Dremio



@robathija Currently there are no plans to support bigquery, I will provide this feedback to the product management team

@robathija I’m one of the PMs for data sources. We are looking to get BigQuery onto the roadmap, and the engineering team is currently investigating the best way to implement the connector. I’ll be able to share something more concrete in the Q3 timeframe.

Thanks for getting back @Matthew_Baker & @balaji.ramaswamy , sounds good, I know a lot of people in the community will benefit from it, and us too as we’re looking to do a fairly large migration away from Bigquery onto using GCS with either Trino or Dremio, I’ll keep an eye out for any announcements