Redistribution of Dremio-OSS

Hi Dremions,
Is anyone allowed to redistribute Dremio-OSS as a part of his software?
There are connectors for databases, which JDBC drivers are under proprietary licensing (e.g. Oracle). We decided to provide side-container for such drivers and force our customers to download them before starting our platform.
I can see Oracle is integral part of Dremio-OSS. Can you explain how it may be OK from licensing point of view?
Is there any way how to load such drivers from outside into Dremio-OSS?



For redistribution, you need to check the license terms for each component you plan to redistribute and make sure you comply with those terms for all of the components (including Dremio’s). You can find a list of licenses and other legal mentions (like copyright) with your distribution. You can also check which should contain the same information.

Specifically for the Oracle JDBC Driver, you need to comply with Oracle Free Use Terms and Conditions license. You can find a copy of the license with the Dremio distribution, or you can find it online at

Thanks a lot for your quick answer!

Additionally I found this agreement:

Does it mean that I can use connectors from the hub only for internal usage, right?
If I would like to redistribute such connectors, is there any (even paid) way how to do it?
Is there any way how to implement my own connector and therefore being allowed to distribute it freely?


For connectors downloaded from, you need to follow the terms of the agreement.
For your own connectors, you can decide to redistribute them as you see fit.