TLS connection between Tableau and Dremio

We’ve been experimenting with Dremio and Tableau and cannot figure out how to create a live connection between the two that uses TLS/SSL. When creating an extract the live connection appears to use ODBC without TLS, and I see no where to add certs. We are using Linux for both. Thanks!

Hi, unfortunately this is not possible over ODBC at this time. This is something we are considering for a future release.

So that means that data moving between Dremio and Tableau is just in the clear? No other options?

Some users have used VPN as a work around. This may be something that is acceptable for your deployment.

VPN does not provide end to end encryption.

No, it doesn’t, but it limits access to trusted parties in a way that is sufficient for some deployments. We do not consider this equivalent to TLS and as noted earlier we are considering this feature for a future release. You are certainly not the first to ask.

Kelly - You mention this is not possible over ODBC. Is it possible over JDBC? Thanks.