BI connector issue

I have this issue while try connect to dremio instance from odbc.

Hello @joelhansen,

I see you are connecting to port 443. Is that what you have configured in Dremio for the JDBC/ODBC port? By default, it is 31010.

Also; is this an encrypted connection?

Hello @ben ,

I have environment with a load balancer, which receives requests on port 443 and redirects to Dremio instance on port 31010.

I also have an SSL certificate encrypting the connection.

Have you connected successfully using any other ODCB client (Tableau, for instance)?

Also, what you’ve configured in dremio.conf for the encryption? Can you share a snippet of that configuration?

Hi @ben,

Tableau also don’t connect.

My load balancer have a SSL certificate, but from load labancer to dremio instance have no encryption.

How do i setting up dremio.conf when using dremio instance with a let’s encrypt ssl certificate?