Unable to access odbc in a dremio ce setup on on-prem k8s


we are unable to access odbc through kubernetes port-forwarding on dremio ce deployed on our on-prem k8s installation. What we observe is that port-forwarding is correctly configured, arrow-flight query gets through but the arrow flight odbc client gives us an error and aborts the connection. I am attaching screenshot of all relevant infos.

Any help with this would be highly appreciated.

We are able to access dremio over odbc when using linux odbc driver programmatically (over pyodbc) but attempts to get a connection to LibreOffice Calc has failed in a similar way. Also access with spark works like a charm


We’re having exactly the same issue with Dremio deployed in a single docker container on a VM.
Any support would be really appreciated.

@reinis did you find a solution or workaround already ?

@jeffreyslort We found workaround by using Microsoft Power BI that has own plugin for dremio. Power BI connects through the jdbc though. So at the moment there is no solution we know of on how to connect to odbc.

@reinis weirdly enough the connection worked when we changed the password. We removed all special characters and now the connection and queries work, which is odd to say the least.