Unable to create a new folder in existing space


I am unable to create a new folder in existing space. I am able to create a new one under my user name through UI (+ symbol), however not under existing space?
Kindly assist .

Also How I can check what permission my user has?


Please check what privileges you have by querying the sys.project.privileges system table.

To create a new folder in a Space, you would need the ALTER privilege for the Space (more info here: Privileges | Dremio Documentation)

Thanks for your help. Not sure if I am querying it correctly, however getting below error.


Are you using Dremio Cloud?

If not, sys.privileges would be the equivalent system table in Dremio Software.

Thanks !!

I believe I have admin access in Dremio Cloud, however still unable to access this table. Screenshot attached. PLease let me know if I can check any role which is missing.