Dremio Cloud - Spaces x Arctic Catalog permissions

A couple of months ago I opened an issued asking about the “SPACES” menu missing, in the Dremio Cloud Interface.


I was told that for new Dremio Cloud accounts the “SPACES” menu was replaced by the “Arctic catalog” feature…

One thing that we saw that it was missing was the possibility to control the permissions of the folders.

Is there and ETA on when this feature will be available?

If there is no ETA, is it possibile to re-enabled the “SPACES” feature?

The possibility to control the permissions of the folders is too important to be missing.

Mauricio Lorenzo Macri

Hi @Mauricio_Macri

This feature is on the roadmap, although I don’t have a specific ETA at this time.

Considering this.

Is it possible to enable to a specific account the usage of the SPACES feature?

Considering that the feature by itself works and is available for older accounts.

From what I saw is just disable for the newer users. A flag of some sorts.