Dremio Cloud Problem - Spaces menu not showing / available

Hello! We recently created a new dremio cloud account for one of our customers and after creating the CLOUD and the PROJECT in this new account, we noticed that the SPACES options is not appearing…

The only options available in the sonar project is to create new data sources and the new artic project… but the spaces for creating folders / new vds and controlling the access, for example, is not appearing…

I created a message to support but i’m still waiting for a reply, it’s been a couple of hours now.

Sending a printscreen…


Hi Maurico,

As of August 17th, Arctic Catalogs have replaced “Spaces” with the same data management capabilities.

I’ve responded to your chat as well. Please let me know if you need more details


@Mauricio_Macri, As Cindy mentioned, the Arctic catalog is the new default experience for Dremio Cloud. You can achieve the same as you could with spaces by creating folders in your Arctic catalog. In addition, with the new catalog, you can create tables directly in Dremio with DML capabilities being supported without any additional work. Please let us know if you’d like an overview of the changes or you’d like to provide feedback on the new experience.


Thank you for the answer.

After Cindy replied to me in the chat, we continued this discussion.

I didn’t know of this changed and was thinking it was a bug that the Spaces were not appearing…

My only issue so far, from what I saw was that on this new Artic Catalog change (so far) it’s not possibile to manage USER / ROLES privileges on the FOLDERs created inside the Artic Catalog.

Cindy confirmed this and said to me that the timeframe for this addition would be next quarter.

We will be anxiously waiting for this addition because this is a core feature that we didn’t expected to be missing because of this change.

Thanks for all the help and answers so far.

We will keep you updated and please keep the feedback coming as you start to work with the new experience.