Unable to find Generate Personal access token


I am trying to use the API to login to my dremio account.
I know I need to create a PAT from the settings, on the UI, but I do not have the Generate button.
Also when trying to enable it from Support, I get the following error:
No setting “No setting “auth.external-token-providers.enabled”.”.

This must be trivial, but I am not seeing it.


Hi @anechi,

Are you on Enterprise or Community edition? Can you try the auth.personal-access-tokens.enabled support key?

You can check out the docs for more information: Enabling the Use of PATs


Hello Isha,
Thank you for the quick response.
I am on Community standalone edition.

This is what I get after trying ‘auth.personal-access-tokens.enabled’.

@anechi PATs are an enterprise feature, which is likely why you can’t access the support key.