Exchange an External JWT for a Dremio PAT

Hi there, I noticed in the API documentation there is the ability to create a PAT token,
Personal Access Tokens - Dremio
However in the API example it looks like you need a PAT token as the bearer to create it, however

So the question is, It seems we can trade an identity providers JWT(Okta in our case) for a PAT token.

Is the API call in 1. Capable of taking in an Okta JWT instead of a PAT token and exchange it for a PAT?


@BrianGeoghegan I have pinged this questions internally and will update shortly


The token exchange is only supported for JDBC/ODBC connections. We pushed a doc update last week to clarify that

Note that there is not Token Exchange here - We just honor an external token. The updated doc makes that clear


Thanks alot for the prompt response Balaji

I was wondering if it would be on a roadmap for implementation with ArrowFlight?
Also is it available in the on-premise enterprise version of Dremio? The docs mention Dremio cloud

@BrianGeoghegan AFAIK, this is the same for both Enterprise and Cloud versions