Unable to install latest ODBC driver for Ubuntu 20.xx.x

I am trying to install latest ODBC Drivers on UBUNTU 20.4 version . . below are the commands

curl https://download.dremio.com/arrow-flight-sql-odbc-driver/arrow-flight-sql-odbc-driver-LATEST.x86_64.rpm --output arrow-flight-sql-odbc-driver-LATEST.x86_64.rpm

alien -i arrow-flight-sql-odbc-driver-LATEST.x86_64.rpm

Getting below error.
error: arrow-flight-sql-odbc-driver-LATEST.x86_64.rpm: not an rpm package (or package manifest)

(https://gitlab.awstrp.net/globaltrading-brew/brew/-/jobs/25064023#L904)Error executing “LANG=C rpm -qp --queryformat %{NAME} ‘arrow-flight-sql-odbc-driver-LATEST.x86_64.rpm’”: at /usr/share/perl5/Alien/Package.pm line 489.

I recommend you not install rpm odbc driver in ubuntu, just untar and use direct the .so lib,
how are you connecting to Dremio? which client?