Unable to open .tds file generated by dremio in Tableau

Hi Team,

I have installed dremio-community-2.0.5-201806021755080191_767cfb5_1.noarch.rpm & dremio-odbc- in Linux single node setup.
Loaded data from PostgreeSQL into dremio and need to analyze it using Tableau. Downloaded .tds file in windows using Analyze with Tableau option. But when I try to open .tds file using Tableau 10.0, it fails (Error snippet below)


Any suggestions will be appreciated.


Did you download/use our ODBC drivers? https://docs.dremio.com/drivers/dremio-connector.html
Can you make sure port 31010 is open?

Machines at my organization are locked down very tightly and we don’t have an environment where we can run an installer that hasn’t been reviewed and approved by our policy group here.

Due to security reasons, I am unable to install Dremio connector in Windows.

Is there any other way to connect it?

@Monika_Goel you could consider using our REST API. However, if you want to use Tableau (or any client depending on ODBC/JDBC) you’ll need to install these drivers first. There is no way to get around this requirement due to the way Tableau works.