Connecting Dremio to Tableau server on a ubuntu server


I’m having some problems using Tableau server (installed on a Ubuntu server) with dremio. I think it’s related to the ODBC driver.
What I already did:
1- I connected Dremio to Tableau Desktop on a windows Machine and added the data directly from Dremio to Tableau Desktop (It works perfectly)
2- I published the dremio data source from tableau desktop to Tableau server.

But, when I try to use that data source from Tableau server, I get the following error : [unixODBC][Driver Manager]Can’t open lib ‘Dremio Connector’ : file not found

I think it’s related to the ODBC dirver. I installed the rpm file using Alien (There is no tarball to use) on the ubuntu server. But, I didn’t further configure it since there is no documentation on this issue.

Did anyone have this issue before?

If you convert the .rpm to a .deb package using alien, it’s likely configuration were not installed properly. The same question has been asked a few time ago: Dremio ODBC Driver error in ubuntu linux , and hopefully the answers in that topic should be able to help you.

Thank you Laurent for your reply. I’ll try to look for an answer in that topic. Hopefully, I can find one.

Hi @Yoyo
Were you able to solve that issue? I am facing the same.

@k21 Are you trying to convert a .rpm to a .deb package? Did you use alien?

No @balaji.ramaswamy . Installed dremioODBC.rpm package.
It contains bin,lib64,share folders. There is no DremioConnector.tdc
This doc only shows the configuration steps for windows.

Its a Linux ec2 instance.Installed the rpm package with yum @balaji.ramaswamy