Unable to query custom views using PowerBI

I’m Emanuele from Italy. first of all, congratulations for dremio, it’s really fantastic.
I am trying to query views created from different sources using power bi but I always get the following error:

Log searching failed with exception VALIDATION ERROR: Object ‘json’ not found.

The same data interrogated directly on the source does not give problems.
Do you have any advice?


@eperrella Thanks for the compliments, when you go to the Dremio UI jobs page, you should a job created for the failed PowerBI job, would you be able to download the profile and send it to us?

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Of course, this is the failed profile.
5d52b328-0755-4b8e-a4ed-df2b01f015d1.zip (7.3 KB)

Any news about this problem?