Unable to query custom views using PowerBI

I’m Emanuele from Italy. first of all, congratulations for dremio, it’s really fantastic.
I am trying to query views created from different sources using power bi but I always get the following error:

Log searching failed with exception VALIDATION ERROR: Object ‘json’ not found.

The same data interrogated directly on the source does not give problems.
Do you have any advice?


@eperrella Thanks for the compliments, when you go to the Dremio UI jobs page, you should a job created for the failed PowerBI job, would you be able to download the profile and send it to us?

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Of course, this is the failed profile.
5d52b328-0755-4b8e-a4ed-df2b01f015d1.zip (7.3 KB)

Any news about this problem?

@eperrella It looks like PowerBI is generating the query with a back tick and Dremio is unable to parse the query. We have this issue with MSTR and we are able to escape it using the ODBC advanced settings


It seems like we were able to reproduce this behavior in PowerBI too see PowerBi error on load any VDS - #14 by balaji.ramaswamy

Let me check if this fix is coming out soon

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If it helps, version 21.2.0 works for me through powerbi, but the latest does not.