Dremio in PowerBI cannot publish to Web

With great power of Dremio, i can easily join different data sources and prepare dataset in Dremio reflection. Then integrate data into Power BI report for business insight using powerBI desktop.

However, i found when I try to share the report into PowerBI web, it prompted am error that the data sources connection is not available. Does it mean Dremio data is not available in PowerBI web? any plan for it?

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This is a limitation of Power BI Web that they plan to address in July.

Glad to know about it. i will stay tune. thanks

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We publish data to powerbi web versions using an odbc connection. Works fine for us.

What am I missing here? What will be new in July? A ms PowerBi authorized dremio connector?

Hi @dealercrm, can you please share how you publish the PowerBI report in web version? Thanks

For me, i load data from dremio odbc (https://docs.dremio.com/client-applications/microsoft-power-bi.html) with direct query mode. Everything work in PowerBI desktop, but get error when i click the Publish button in PowerBI desktop.
I can find the report in app.powerbi.com, but cannot get the data…

Hey @dealercrm we’ll be a certified connector. This provides DirectQuery support across the PowerBI product lines.

Doesn’t work with direct query. Only import using gateway for refresh.

This is great news!
Super excited to see this happen.
Dremio is built for direct query. Glad they allowed y’all to be included.

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@can any update on this, is Dremio now a certified connector in PowerBi?

@dealercrm we’ve completed the certification process and waiting on the PowerBI team to release the integration, currently looking at a few months or less.

@can any update on this? I believe we still can’t use powerbi DirectQuery + Dremio ??

Same here, any time frame on this would be much appreciated.

@tro I finally managed to connect Power BI-Dremio on Direct Query mode. For me the issue was with the way data was being pulled into Power BI.
When you use the UI to “Get Data”, you go through multiple steps in power bi to access the Virtual Dataset on Dremio. This results in 2 or 3 steps in the Power Query Editor - one to access the source, and the next to access the table.

When you click on the “Source” step, power BI actually shows the issue;

And this is the resulting query in the Power BI Advanced Editor.

How I corrected this was by changing the Advanced Query to directly call the table in the first step itself… and now Direct Querying on Power BI service works !!!

Also, another point to note is that the data source name should be the same on Power BI Desktop & the On-premise gateway. It needs to be either “host” or “host:port” on both ends…

Let me know whether this works for you as well :smiley:

Hi Shayeny,

Were you able to publish the report on PowerBI Report Server with your solution ?

Hi Yannick! Yes, I was able to publish it to the server :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback Shayeny,

Did you do something in the report server side ?

I am not able to publish to report server on premise with Direct Query.

  • I have a SQL Server (2016) with a simple view.
  • Dremio (Community Edition) is getting the data from this view.
    -I use the Dremo Connector Beta
    Then I just replace the data Source like you described

    -ODBC was setuped in the PowerBI Report Server and the .mez custom connector was placed in the folder of the user of service account running the PBI Report Server.
    -When I try to publish to PBIRS I get:

PBIRS is in the latest version:

Same as PBI Desktop

Have you any idea about the reason ?
Thanks a lot for your help :wink:

Kind regards,


Hi @can & users,

We did manage to publish a Dremio based report on the PowerBi Service. But the DirectQuery doesn’t look supported outside of desktop.

Is DirectQuery on PBI service not supported ? Is there any known workaround ?

Hi @Kaymar, I had the same issue with the PBI On-Premise gateway August version.
Could you upgrade the on-premise gateway to Sep 2020 (2020-09-04 to be exact), and give it a go. This solved it for me.