Understanding Refresh Policy

Hi community,

When the Refresh Method is set to “Incremental update”, does the Refresh Policy: Expiration interval take effect or is it completely ignored?

Many thanks

@borasy Interval settings should still apply, this is the frequency of refresh while incremental is the type, where Dremio will only refresh newly added rows since last refresh. We can decide to run the refresh at a frequency we desire but when it runs it will be incremental

Sure, but I’m talking about the Expiration interval not the Refresh interval.

@borasy Expiration should be in effect too,

I think that in this case, if expiration interval reached and increment data not success refreshed, the already exist data are not consider when run Querys?
or wich are the effect that expiration time are reached

@dacopan If the existing materialization is valid, then it will be considered