When the value of "Refresh every" of Refresh Policy is smaller than "Expire after", will anything be triggered? or nothing happen?

As far as I know, whether it expires is based on the age of reflection, but if the value of refresh is less than expire, then the expire action will never be triggered.

I don’t know if my understanding is correct, please guide me, thanks a lot!

@roychen11232357 That is correct, if your refreshes are working, you should not hit a condition where your reflection has expired

Thank you for your reply, but I want to have a deeper understanding of the context in which the two parameters refresh and expire are used.

I list three situations

  1. When refresh> expire
  2. When refresh <expire
  3. When refresh = expire

I can’t imagine that the combination of these three case is suitable for those actual scenarios

I hope you give me a simple situation, thank you very much

@roychen11232357 You can never set expire < refresh, thats not allowed, would not recommend setting refresh=expire as even if one background refresh fails, your dataset will expire causing an inline refresh

Recommend setting expire = 3x of refresh as that gives buffer for any possible metadata refresh failed or takes longer than the refresh interval defined

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