[unixODBC] can't open lib /opt/dremio-odbc/lib64/libdrillodbc_sb64.so

Please help on this issue. I have followed the ideas related the similar issues reported before but
still failed to resolve this. Please help. thanks.

Superset and Dremio integration

ERROR:root:(pyodbc.Error) (‘01000’, “[01000] [unixODBC][Driver Manager]Can’t open lib ‘/opt/dremio-odbc/lib64/libdrillodbc_sb64.so’ : file not found (0) (SQLDriverConnect)”) (Background on this error at: http://sqlalche.me/e/dbapi)

====== installed ============

ubuntu 18.04
python 3.6.9

wget http://download.dremio.com/odbc-driver/
&& alien -i --scripts dremio-odbc-

SQLAlchemy 1.2.18
sqlalchemy-dremio 0.5.0.dev0


Download the rpm file
wget http://download.dremio.com/odbc-driver/

and Extract the rpm file by the following command
rpm2cpio dremio-odbc- | cpio -idmv

Goto the extracted folder and find the file in this path opt/dremio-odbc/lib64/libdrillodbc_sb64.so

import pyodbc
import numpy
import pandas
host =‘localhost’
port = 31010
uid = ‘username’
driver = ‘/home/harsha/opt/dremio-odbc/lib64/libdrillodbc_sb64.so’