one of our users is getting the following error when trying to connect to Tableau with Tableau Desktop:

Failure in connecting to Dremio: cdjd.com.dremio.exec.rpc.RpcException: HANDSHAKE_VALIDATION : Status: UNKNOWN_FAILURE,
Error Id: e267ab28-5d93-4e8e-b4ce-86079fef6172, Error message: Invalid token
Can’t connect to connect to Dremio “dremio-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” server.
Does anyone have a solution, please?
Many thanks.

The error of invalid token suggests to me that this users PAT may have expired.

Have they tried to create a new one and then connect with that?


Hi Danh,
we don’t use PATs. We use Tableau Desktop’s Dremio Connector.

Understood. Is it possible that your user is on a mac and not using the fully qualified domain name for the server? I can’t really tell given the above error message Dremio Connector by Dremio - Tableau

Hi Danh,
I’m not sure if I can divulge the fully-qualified name in this forum.
It’s something of the sort: dremio-xxx.apps.xxxx.intra.xxx.fr

This may not be feasible for me to troubleshoot here but I can try and give some direction. Here is what I would do.

  • Figure out which combo of Dremio and Tableau and versions you are using – for example, Dremio Software + Tableau Server or Dremio Software + Tableau Cloud
  • Find the right documentation on how to set the connection up to Dremio – Dremio or Dremio as potentially good starting points
  • Ensure that the steps were followed

The invalid token + this error happening on server sounds like an oauth isssue.

As far as the logs, I suspect this should appear in the dremio logs. There may be more information around there but I do not know for sure. I haven’t come across this specific error before.