We need more document about dremio

dremio is awesome, but there is so little document about tech detail when we wanna expand it or we wanna make our little contribute

You’re right - we still have lots to do. :slight_smile:

There are tutorials and a few white papers, including one on Dremio’s architecture here: https://www.dremio.com/resources.

Are there specific topics you had in mind? That might help us to prioritize what we add to the documentation.

  1. firstly, I suggest dremio open its issue page and pull commit page on github.
  2. provide a performance report about dremio [for example on ten billion raws of data].
  3. let more users share their experience on dremio.
  4. provide more document for developers. such as how to write a plugin, how to expand ui.

In fact, we can make a refer to ELK, which has a good eco-system and community culture. in a word, I wish dremio be better and better

Thanks for the great suggestions!

  1. I’ll let others comment on this.

  2. This is in the works.

  3. Can you say more about this? Our hope is that users share their experiences here.

  4. We will publish an SDK for sources in a future release. We want this to be easy for the community to use and share with others.

Thanks again!

I have been using Dremio at “commercial POC” for past 6 months at major TELECOM customer site. Dremio brings following 3 GREAT abilities to Big Data Analytics, in addition to linear scalability and MP based on DREMEL architecture.

  1. Federation - Ability to use SQL queries across storages/databases seamlessly.
  2. Aggregation - Reflections (Accelerations in 1.2). Based on Parquet Columnar storage - VERY well leveraged. Check out EXPLAIN PLANs of SQL queries.
  3. Data lineage graphs - ABSOLUTELY love this feature. Still need MUCH discipline on Users part!

The product does need to nature, but I strongly believe it is in RIGHT PATH.
These are three MAJOR differentiators and they will take this a long way.

Sold on Dremio!


I strongly agree that the issue page on GitHub should be opened. That makes contribution easier.

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