Are there any Dremio REST API SQL example?

There are none in the docs AFIK.

Looking to understand what the context etc is.

Thanks! Looks like there is no way to avoid recursing right? i.e. to pull whole tree in one go.

@cottreld are you referring to recursing in order to get to a specific dataset/dataset id?

Yeah that’s right . For now I’m just recurring and caching the root and the ID dict. It is not too bad but I suspect for most apps a blob of the recursive subgraphs would be small enough to send over the API to instantiate some classes .

Got it. In the upcoming 2.1 version, we’ll introducing a new endpoint to query dataset IDs by providing dataset paths (e.g. hdfs.folder.folder2.dataset) in the Catalog API. Should help simplify catalog interactions – you won’t have to go through large portions of the catalog to get to dataset IDs.