API to retrieve data from dataset


Is there a possibility to retrieve data from dataset via API? I came across this call
But, how to know the id of the job. For my use case, I have 5 tables which we could find via the catalog/by-path but each of these has a different job id. So, without knowing upfront the id of the job, is there a possibility to retrieve the data?
Or if there is a syntax in creating the ID before querying the API, I could pass it to the job as well.

Please let me know.


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You can use http://docs.dremio.com/rest-api/jobs/ to run jobs and get results. You could runs select * query for example.

Hi Doron,

thanks for the reply. To run the query also, I need the id of the JOB? So, my question is without knowing upfront the Id of the JOB, I would like to run the query on a dataset.


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The SQL API (http://docs.dremio.com/rest-api/sql/post-sql.html) will return a job id for you, I forgot to post that link earlier.

Thanks a lot Doron. I was able to retrieve the data now. My 2cents input, would be nice if we could get the data without a two step process. I feel creating the id of the job is an internal detail. As an user, I would like to get the data of the dataset via path. Anyways, to generate the JobID, I need the path right? So, why not having a resource for getting the data. Internally, that resource will create a JobID and query against the JobID and return results directly.Again, this is a feature request if it helps others as well.

Thanks again for your help.

Running the query may take a long time so we provide an asynchronous access model - so even if we had a way to get data of a path, it would follow the same model.

Hey I wrote a small nodejs wrapper around dremio rest api, it quite primitive and simple. but does exactly that, handles authentication, takes a SQL, poll the job status and return the result.

if you think it could be useful i could put it on npm