Auto-generated REST API

it could be nice to generate automatically an API (or a set of api) for each virtual created dataset and to put it possiblye into a catalog for retrying it. The purpose of this feature is to provide directly an access to a dataset through REST without having to use a sql query. It enables then the user to create a data portal (for instance opendata portal) easily. Here a link to OpenDataSoft which offers interesting services which could be easily done by dremio :

example of generated api :
imagine we have a directory called Purchases.
in this directory we have two virtual datasets PurchaseByCategory and MonthlyDistribution
we could have automatically generated the following rest queries for a primary key customerId :
or also

Hey @xmehaut we’ve considered a few approaches to achieve this but don’t have a set direction yet. Thanks for the input and pointing out OpenDataSoft, will take a look.