BigQuery Support

Will bigquery support available in next release? I am on 2.0.5.

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BigQuery is something we are tracking as a source but it will not be in the next release.

Thanks @kelly. Will wait. The use case, for example, is the same as “select … from BQ.table.col = RS.table.col where …” . (where, BQ=BigQuery and RS=RedShift) Would be one of the (known) missing piece.

Has Dremio implemented support for google bigquery yet? I am not seeing it in the docs.

No we have not. Will let you know if that changes.

Hi there

I am evaluating Dremio as the data access platform for BigQuery.
What is the timing for Dremio to support Google BigQuery?


We do not have plans to add BigQuery support at this time. This may change in the future and we will report back here if it does.

Is there a concious lower priority of support for GCP technologies, no CloudBucket support, no sign of BigQuery support? As a wrangling platform it really needs that connectivity to be considered as a viable product in the GCP space.