Bug in Tableau Connector

I discovered what I think is a bug, when I was trying to do some operations on a filtered data source in Tableau.

It seems to be an issue when I try to create an exclude filter when using the windows driver, and it seems that the mac osx driver and the windows driver creates two different queries for the same operation.

Mac osx:

SELECT lindorff.CustomerType AS CustomerType,
lindorff.LedgerGroup AS LedgerGroup,
lindorff.RevenueCategory AS RevenueCategory,
SUM( lindorff.NetAmount) AS sum:NetAmount:ok
FROM dremio_nas.dremio_nas.lindorff lindorff
WHERE ( ( NOT ( ( ( lindorff.Dim1 >= ‘1502’) AND ( lindorff.Dim1 <= ‘1609’)) OR ( ( lindorff.Dim1 >= ‘1711’) AND ( lindorff.Dim1 <= ‘2012’)))) AND ( lindorff.FileType = ‘tot’))
GROUP BY lindorff.CustomerType,

SELECT “lindorff”.“CustomerType” AS “CustomerType”,
“lindorff”.“RevenueCategory” AS “RevenueCategory”,
SUM( “lindorff”.“NetAmount”) AS “sum_NetAmount_ok”
FROM “dremio_nas.dremio_nas”.“lindorff” “lindorff”
WHERE ( ( NOT ( “lindorff”.“Dim1” NOT IN ( ‘1701’, ‘1611’, ‘1710’, ‘1610’, ‘1612’, ‘1702’, ‘1705’, ‘1703’, ‘1707’, ‘1706’, ‘1704’, ‘1709’, ‘1708’))) AND ( “lindorff”.“FileType” = ‘tot’))
GROUP BY “lindorff”.“CustomerType”,

2d92036d-b5f6-4b68-86af-ece92eb998e2.zip (3.2 KB)

Hi @roos.niclas

Can you explain what the bug actually is? do you get different results or is it just that the queries are different on Tableau Mac and Windows?