Dremio doesn't currently support CROSS JOIN'


We’re trying to replace a static flat file upload to Tableau with a Mongo datasource using Dremio as the glue. We already have working workbooks in Tableau that work fine with the flat file, but with the exact same structure of data in a Dremio dataset, we have problems with the querying.

As the title suggests, Tableau is creating some SQL Dremio can’t handle at the moment (CROSS JOIN). Is anyone aware of any workarounds that can be done to either tell tableau what subset of commands are supported, or something else?

I doubt it will help in isolation, but here’s the SQL being passed through from Tableau:

SELECT "t2"."X_measure__1" AS     "sum_Calculation_3987093055487148032_ok",
  "t0"."sum_Calculation_3987093055487217665_ok" AS "sum_Calculation_3987093055487217665_ok"
  SELECT SUM( 1) AS "sum_Calculation_3987093055487217665_ok"
  FROM "Dev"."dev_fx_price_requests" "dev_fx_price_requests"
  HAVING ( COUNT( 1) > 0)
) "t0"
  SELECT SUM( "t1"."X_measure__0") AS "X_measure__1"
  FROM ( 
    SELECT CAST( MIN( 1) AS FLOAT) AS "X_measure__0",
      "dev_fx_price_requests"."trader" AS "trader"
FROM "Dev"."dev_fx_price_requests" "dev_fx_price_requests"
GROUP BY "dev_fx_price_requests"."trader"
  ) "t1"
  HAVING ( COUNT( 1) > 0)
) "t2"

I’m neither a tableau, sql nor dremio expert so any suggestions/ideas are much appreciated.


Can you try downloading the latest ODBC driver from Dremio website? It should fix that issue.

Thanks Laurent, I’ll give that a try once I figure out who has the root power on our dev box… :slight_smile:

Hi All,

We are experience this same issue. We are using the most recent ODBC driver from the Dremio website, but still seeing the error “Dremio doesn’t currently support CROSS JOIN”. Any advice?