Bug when deploying to GKE

I am trying to deploy Dremio to a GKE cluster, with GCS distStorage.

Whatever the authentication method I choose (“auto” or “serviceAccountKeys”), I run into issues:

  • with “auto”, the master pod cannot start because it runs into GCS access errors, while the default service account that the GKE cluster uses has access to the bucket specified in distStorage/gcp/bucketName field.
  • with “serviceAccountKeys”, it seems like the Helm chart is not valid, because I get the following error Error: INSTALLATION FAILED: YAML parse error on dremio/templates/dremio-configmap.yaml: error converting YAML to JSON: yaml: line 49: could not find expected ':'

Thank you for your assistance!

I would recommend using the dremio_v2 Helm Charts instead of deprecated version:

Hi, thanks for the reply.
I am using the dremio_v2 chart (helm install release dremio_v2), but yeah it’s confusing because the error points to a YAML of the dremio folder.

Which Helm version do you use?
Do you use the latest Helm Charts?
Are you able to run ‘helm template release dremio_v2’?
Can you share your modified values.yml (please remove the secrets before)?