Local cache not work

Now I’m using the data source config in ( https://docs.dremio.com/**24.1.x**/get-started/cluster-deployments/customizing-configuration/dremio-conf/cloud-cache-config ) for enabling local cache. I didn’t setup the cache path, I guess the default folder (cm/db & cm/fs) under local path are created by default.

I remember when I first time use the S3 for storage, the local cache is enabled by default. I disable it for benchmark testing and I didn’t clean up the cache folder after i disable the cache function. but now it doesn’t work even if I enable it again. Could someone tell me what’s wrong?


Have you tried to remove all the files under the cache folder and restart executors? How did you enable? If even after deletion and restart C3 is not working, send server.log from executor on the day it was restarted, it should tell during startup if C3 manager started or not, if not why