Can't turn off auto-committing; transactions are not supported. (Dremio is not transactional.)

I am trying to connect to dremio using JDBC driver client.

I used the following connection string:


my query is

FROM “@admin”.“CME Quote-Vendor-File-Excel”;

But I am not able to connect.

I see some errors in my end as below: Connection refused
at Method)

Opening socket connection to server localhost/ Will not attempt to authenticate using SASL (unknown error)

But I do not see any errors in dremio.

I am running dremio on docker. I am using single node instance in this case.

Please advice

Hi @pavithrakc,

few things to try,

From your client (from where you are trying the jdbc request)

  1. ping
  2. telnet 31010

Can you also please send me the server.log from the Dremio coordinator?