Data in VDS as API endpoint in JSON format

I have created a VDS ( say v1 ) under space ( say s1 ) consisting of a view which has n fields from a database table ( from Hive ).
How can I get an API endpoint URL that will have the data from v1 in JSON format?
I intend to use the endpoint URL as the data source for downstream reporting tool.

sample data
c1 c2
k1 val1
k2 val2

When I go to the endpoint URL, it should give me -

You can use the SQL endpoint to submit a SELECT * FROM v1; or any SQL query.
You can use the Jobs endpoint to retrieve the results of that query run.

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@isha - thank you so much for your response.

Following the documentations you’ve provided, I could execute the REST API call on the SQL endpoint ( which gave me the Job ID ) and passed the Job ID in the 2nd API call on the Job results endpoint successfully.

However, since I need to configure the REST API as a data source for downstream reporting tool,
is there a way I can use just one single API call ( ie combine the 2 calls of getting the Job ID and then passing the Job ID to get the results into one ) ?